From Our Certified R&D Centre To Your Hands

Antioxidants is one of the most powerful substances for keeping our bodies healthy and free from free radicals. By boosting the level of antioxidants in the body system, hydrogen-rich water reduces inflammation, thus prevents us greatly from falling foul of chronic illness later on in life. With our H2Como Hydrogen Water Bottle, we can turn ‘normal’ water into hydrogen-rich water easily!

A hydrogen water bottle in hand brings great joy and health to our well-being. In any given weather, environment, or health conditions, owning a H2Como Hydrogen Water Bottle brings you the additional tinge of perk and an extra boost of zest to your normal water intake.

Hydrogenate on the go.

It would be a great convenience to be able to get your water hydrogenated anywhere and anytime as you go. H2Como is made for different lifestyle out of the comfort.

More than just a bottle

With a robust hydrogen water generator embedded, one only needs to fill up the H2Como Hydrogen Water Bottle and let it do the rest!

Through a vigorous electrolysis process, Hydrogen part-per-billion (PPB) is significantly increased in your water. What could be easier to increase antioxidant intake? H2Como Hydrogen Water Bottle does just it!

Beyond hydration and cut the hassle of popping supplementary pills, empower your health and combat the hydrating kick you need today!


A one-touch button
Robust hydrogenating
Hydrogen-rich water in 4.5mins

“Quick to make, Fast to drink”


Up to 10 glasses from one full charge

“Because we require at least daily intake of 8 glasses of water”

Design Tolerance

Firm seal, no water leakage.
BPA-free bottle

“As safe as the baby’s milk bottle”


Portable hydrogen generator that is easy to carry and ready for use

“Because our health is in our hands”


Various adaptor of 26mm, 28mm, 30mm to fit just about any external water bottle

“The bottleneck that we would love”

All About The Technology

In collaboration with the Korean R&D team, we focus on bringing you a compact yet competitive performance the market can offer.

Product Specification


H2COMO Hydrogen Water Bottle

Product Size
Product Size

70mm (width) x 198mm (height)

Power Consumption
Power Consumption

Maximum 4W


3.7V 1,200mAh



Operating Time
Operating Time

Within 5 Minutes

Parts & Packaging
Parts & Packaging

Bottle Body
Bottle Cap
Compatible Bottleneck Adaptor
Hydrogen Generator Cap
USB-C Cable
Power Adaptor
User Manual


White, Blue, Pink